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Booking Vaccine and Booster appointments
Rides to Vaccine and Booster appointments
Providing vaccination receipts

If you need help booking your first, second or booster vaccination appointment, fill out the form below.

I consent to Vax Aide gathering my personal information in order to assist with booking a vaccination appointment. 
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Date of Last Vaccination
Do you already have a vaccine appointment, and you are unable to get to your appointment on your own?
Please fill in the form below and we will connect you to a driver.
The volunteer driver will pick you up, drive you to your appointment, wait for you to get your vaccination, and then drive you safely back home.

I consent to Vax Aide gathering my personal information in order to assist with booking a ride to my vaccination appointment. This information will not be used for any other purpose.* 
Date of Appointment
You can download your proof of vaccination yourself here.  
Or contact us below, and Vax Aide will request your receipt and send it to you by email, text, WhatsApp or in the mail.

I consent to Vax Aide gathering my personal information in order to assist with requesting a vaccination receipt.
This information will not be used for any other purpose.
Date of Birth

We are a group of volunteers in Ottawa who want to make a difference during this pandemic.

Our objective is to assist those that need help booking appointment for vaccines. And for those who need rides to their appointments, we will ensure they get there and back safely. And with their vaccine.


Vaccine in Orleans

I am without a car and hesitant to take public transportation; I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I was to see Vax Aide was an available resource in both finding vaccine appointments nearby, and also having volunteers to provide rides. Thank you so very much! This is so helpful! Wow!


64 and needed a ride

Everything was great. My driver got me there early. It was quite far, and he waited with me, God bless him. I am very grateful.


Grateful 80-year-old

All I can say truthfully, it was excellent, just excellent. The Vax Aide driver came on time, he waited for me, I got my shots and in 15 minutes I was back out, on my way home. If ever needed, I would call again! Thank you Vax Aide.


Repeat client

Vax Aide was great! My driver was on time, the car was spacious, we were at the clinic for only 15 minutes. It was wonderful.


Going Strong at Seventy-Seven

I got my booster vaccine today. A very nice lady drove me. I absolutely appreciated her. The doctor was very kind too, he explained everything to me. Thank you.


Booster Rider

I really appreciated everything Vax Aide did for me. I had a very nice francophone lady. She was very professional, she followed protocol, kept the windows open. I didn't have to wait for a bus in the dark and in the cold. Such a wonderful service!


Looking for a booster

Vax Aide is a wonderful service. I would not have been able to get my booster without this help. The amazing part was the kindness of Pierre who came with me. Waiting in each line up whether it was outside or in. That was very kind of him. The whole thing was over two hours and he never complained. Truly kind. I thank you for arranging the service for me. It is much appreciated. I wish you all the very best of the season.


Repeat customer

I used Vax Aide to get my second dose and can think of no better organization to use for my booster!


Sans transport

J'ai été très bien conduite à l'Hôtel de Ville pour ma 2è dose du vaccin contre la Covid-19 par le conducteur de Vax Aide. Ponctuel, très poli , calme et vigilant conducteur en plus de jaser respectueusement avec moi. Bref, je me suis sentie en sécurité . Merci pour vos services très appréciés.


Somali community

We do not have a car so it was very helpful to get a ride to the clinic. The driver was very nice and very friendly. He helped me and my mother get to our appointment. Thank you very much!


Vanier community

A1, Triple A service. The driver was so kind, caring and trustworthy. I will recommend Vax Aide to the rest of my apartment building. Top notch, thank you!


Looking for first dose

Vax Aid first helped book my appointment, and then booked appointments for four other members of my family. And they did it all for the same day at the same location. It was very helpful. Thank you soo much for the help!


Happy and Double Vaxed

Thanks for the help booking and getting me to my second vaccine appointment. The volunteers were super helpful with the booking and even asked if I needed a ride. The volunteer driver was exceedingly kind and friendly AND got me to my appointment right on time. Thanks to Vax Aide I am now fully vaccinated. :)


Needed a ride

I appreciate so much what you are doing. Thank you so much!


Vaccine for housebound grandmother

Thank you so much for the info! What great service and so quick! I appreciate it so much! . . . . . . . []



Very impressed with this effort to make it easier for everyone to get their shots asap! Thank you to everyone!


Rider needing assistance

My Vax Aide driver was amazing, very polite and very helpful. She waited with me at the clinic, she brought me a wheelchair so I didn't have to stand. She knew exactly where to go. I had never had such a nice and easy service. Thanks for having such wonderful volunteers.


From the community

I just wanted to say how amazing it is that you're helping folks out like this. No need to reply, just wanted to say THANK YOU & that discovering your existence today has just about brought me to tears. Thank you for caring so much about your community!!!!!


Canada Day vaccines

Hi thank you so much for helping us to get our vaccinations yesterday. It was so great to get our family vaccinated by July 1st, we couldn’t have done it, without your help.


Ride seeker

Great customer service! Friendly and efficient.


Heron Park-er

Thanks so much for the VaxAide information. I have been trying to get my second dose for some time. But it hasn't worked. I just received your email this morning and thought I should try VaxAide, run by volunteers. They called me back right away and booked my appointment. Great service.


Lindenlea Community

Thanks to Vax Aide I was able to expedite my second dose appointment. The interval between my two doses would have been 2 months if it weren't for the great volunteers at Vax Aide. Thanks to them, the interval between the first and second dose of Covid Vaccine is only one month which is what is originally recommended by the vaccine manufacturer companies. Big thanks to Vax Aide and its volunteers for helping more and more people in our community get fully vaccinated and promote healthier community.


Needed transport

The ride was great, the driver was great, the service was great. And now I have my vaccine, thank you!


First dose recipient

It was a really nice experience and when compared to our friends' experience , looks like ours was VIP! We are spreading the word to whoever is in our circle, not only neighbors but also coworkers. We will get back to Vax Aide for the second vaccination as well.


Family Reunion

I am so glad Vax Aide advanced my appointment. Now I will be able to attend my niece's wedding. I haven't seen my 6 sisters and brothers in Nova Scotia in two years! I am so looking forward to our family reunion. Thank you Vax Aide. :)


Très contente

Un gros merci à Vax Aide. Grâce à ce service j'ai obtenu un rendez-vous pour ma 2e dose sans tarder. Ce fut très plaisant de recevoir un courriel confirmant mon rendez-vous alors que j'étais au travail. Service rapide, efficace et très fiable. Merci!


Assistance appreciated

Thanks for your help! I definitely got this booked faster this way than if I had to figure it out. I'm glad my colleague recommended this service.



I am isolated and needed a ride to the pop-up clinic on Sunday. Vax Aide was great. The driver was lovely. I felt like a rock star being driven up to the entrance, and taken home again. I now have my second dose. I'm glad my PSW told me about Vax Aide. Thank you so much.


Ready to travel

The people at Vax Aide were amazing, so supportive, calm and competent. The woman who helped me was so kind and caring. We were able to move our second vaccines up to July 3rd with her help! Many Thanks.



I was very pleased by the fast response from Johanne. She was very professional and helpful in assuring me that she would do her best to book an appointment for me next week. She was successful and even took the time to call me back! A wonderful experience from a very knowledgeable lady!


Executive Director

Vax Aide, you rock! Your team was able to get me an appointment right away. Great service for busy folk.


Same Ward

Thank you for advancing my husband's appointment by 4 weeks! Done very quickly. Couple of calls, all very professional and efficient, great interaction. Thank you!



I cannot thank you enough for getting vaccine dates for my husband and I, a month earlier than originally booked! We are so lucky to have people like yourself that are volunteering to do this frustrating job!


Booked and Happy

YES I did get a booking confirmation email for June 20 at Nepean Sports Plex. You are to be commended for being so thorough, conscientious and caring ! best to you and your fellow volunteers !


Needed transport

I really appreciate my driver taking me to the Infinity Centre, which was very far for me to get to. And he came in with me which really helped. You are doing a good job. Keep on going, and thank you all.


Retired and Relaxed

Vax Aide was incredibly helpful in landing me a confirmed 2nd shot booking and persisting to ensure I got one within hailing distance, altho I was desperate and vexed enough to go anywhere. What a superb volunteer initiative in these trying times!! 👍👍👍


Appointment Seeker

When the 70+ eligibility opened up, I was unable to get an appointment. I called Vax Aide and they were able to book me an appointment right away. Thank you Vax Aide for your great help!



I drive people to appointments. I didn't want to wait three weeks for my second vaccination. I called Vax Aide. They connected me to a pharmacy with supplies, and I got my second dose the same evening. Amazing!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer driver for Vax Aide.

You will need to provide a copy of your driving license. Minimum of 5 years driving experience necessary.
You will need to provide proof of your car insurance.
You will need to provide a copy of your Vulnerable Sector Check.

Please provide your details

We are a group of volunteers in Ottawa who want to make a difference during this pandemic, by helping the community get vaccinated. Here are some links to interviews that we have made.

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